Morehouse College professor polishes GivingPoint Institute's networking skills

One of GivingPoint's biggest fans spent some quality time with the GivingPoint Institute in March.



Dr. Rubina Malik is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Career Coaching which makes her a perfect fit for leading our networking workshop! 


Seeing as how this was Dr. Malik's second consecutive year hosting a GPI workshop, there was a level of comfort in the air, which put her quirky personality on full display.


Before diving into tweets from the workshop, here are some key takeaways: Networking is about building meaningful, authentic connections. To that end, great networking also happens outside of your comfort zone. And, as always, a firm handshake is your best tool to be an effective networker.


To make networking manageable, Dr. Malik said, break it down into five parts. Specifically, into five Ps:








While the five Ps are extremely important, there's more to being an effective networker. Such as...




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