GivingPoint Institute overcomes adversity with the help of Switchyards Downtown Club

In an unprecedented move, the GivingPoint Institute had a one-of-a-kind workshop at Atlanta's Switchyards Downtown Club in early March 2017. 


Last night we hosted our #overcomingadversity #GPI workshop at @switchyards where a handful of the community's entrepreneurs gathered to sit on a panel and share their stories of how they overcame adversity to becoming the success stories they are today. That was followed up with individual mentoring time where the entrepreneurs provided #GivingPointInstitute students personalized feedback to help them with their projects for this year. We are thankful to the entire #Switchyards community for accommodating us yesterday, especially @jasonsosnovsky, @imbentherooster, @kategremillion, @mavenlyco, @tjmuehleman, @standardcode, @stef_juju, @activvely, @bohemianguitars, @goodwipes, @b.chil, @chilcreative and more! #GivingPoint #madewithsoulinatlanta #MWSA #weloveatl #socialentrepreneurship #givingback #youthphilanthropy #dogood

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The Overcoming Adversity workshop featured a panel of CEOs from very successful startups: Kate Gremillion of Mavenly & Co., Stefanie Jewett of Activvely, T.J. Muehleman of Standard Code, and Shaun Lee of Bohemian Guitars.

















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