For Schools

Why We Need Your Support

GivingPoint was created to encourage youth ages 13-24 to find their passion and become actively engaged in their local communities. We are eager to work with schools that value civic engagement and want to offer innovative technology solutions to their students.
We hope you will list your school projects on GivingPoint and be part of actively reaching out to this generation of youth to help them create their civic footprint. 
Here is a summary of our online tools:
  • Verification of Volunteer Hours – GivingPoint’s automated verification system will ease your administration burden. As students fill out the on-line volunteer tracking form, they must submit a nonprofit or school contact with their phone number and email address. When nonprofits or schools receive the email, they must either chose to “approve” or “modify hours.” The hours get verified through the email system. Schools and non-profits may also choose to input hours into the GivingPoint system
  • Tracking – You can search and track the students that are affiliated with your school
  • Donations – Schools can receive donations for service learning projects through GivingPoint’s grant system; grants are written by students 
  • Incentives – You can give ‘Points’ and send encouraging messages to your top and most active student volunteers that help your community
  • Community – Your students can join a community of civic-minded students and get inspired to help others! You can search and track the blogs that are entered by your students, so you can read about and comment on their stories.
How to use GivingPoint: