For Parents

Our Mission

GivingPoint’s mission is to unleash the passion and energy of young people to create an unprecedented level of civic engagement: To create caring hearts and entrepreneurial minds.

The Goal

GivingPoint combines innovative technology, social networking, meaningful service and hands-on training programs to help youth discover their unique passion, fuel their spark, elevate their ideas and share their stories to create a better, more connected and socially responsible world. 

Did You Know?

Young volunteers have higher self-esteem, perform better in school, build leadership skills, and learn how to solve community problems. Even though youth are more likely than adults to volunteer, fewer than half of all young people consistently serve others. A result is that they miss this powerful opportunity for growth.  That's where GivingPoint comes in!  GivingPoint is geared towards engaging students in community causes they are passionate about.

What’s Your Role?

As a parent, GivingPoint wants to be sure you are comfortable having your child connected to our portal and resources. Please review the FAQ for detailed information about how your child can access information and resources at GivingPoint. We also have a privacy and security section that we hope you will review to be comfortable with your child interacting online with us and the nonprofits they care about.

Protection and Privacy

GivingPoint has partnered with Daniel Solove, Founder of Teach Privacy. TeachPrivacy provides education, training, and advice to help organizations protect privacy, minimize data security breaches, and deal with online social media issues. 
  • If you would like to learn more about TeachPrivacy and its founder Daniel J. Solove, please visit his training videos on how you can help your children protect their privacy here: 
  • To view videos and curriculum created by TeachPrivacy, you must be a GivingPoint member. Click here to create an account
  • Finally, should you be interested in supporting GivingPoint youth through the GivingPoint grants process, we encourage you to make a financial donation
Together, we can create a world of civic leaders and social entrepreneurs, one student at a time!
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