For Non-Profits

Why We Need Your Support

GivingPoint was created to encourage youth ages 13-24 to find their passion and become actively engaged in their local communities. Attracting high impact nonprofit organizations to partner with us to reach our mission is critical to GivingPoint's success.
We hope you will list your nonprofit on GivingPoint and be part of actively reaching out to this generation of youth to help them create their civic footprint.
Here’s a quick summary of our tools: 
  • Marketing - You can connect with a national community of supporters and active, civic-minded students
  • Verification – You can easily and quickly verify hours for your student volunteers
  • Tracking - You can search and track the students that are affiliated with your organization
  • Donations - You can receive donations through GivingPoint’s student project sites or through the GivingPoint grant system
  • Incentives – You can give Points and send encouraging messages to your top and most active student volunteers

Why GivingPoint?

At GivingPoint, we are about supporting and helping students get involved in causes they care about. While we want to help nonprofits engage and motivate their student volunteers, we are not just a tracking mechanism or fundraising vehicle. We have a unique platform for students to demonstrate their civic footprint, and we hope nonprofits will embrace our model to help create an energized group of life-long givers.
Here is what we hope to receive from our nonprofit partners:
  • Collaboration - use our platform to attract and motivate students interested in your cause. Give them GivingPoints. Send them encouraging messages.
  • Partnership - take the time to verify the hours that students spend volunteering at your organization. When you get the emails asking for verification of a student contribution, please respond.
  • Teamwork - create fun volunteer opportunities for them and invite them to your projects. Post your projects on GivingPoint and upload pictures.
  • Alliances - offer content and quiz ideas for GivingPoint's Causes section. We would like to highlight your program on one of our education modules!
  • Cooperation - put a GivingPoint link on your website so students can learn about our program.
  • Relationship - we want your feedback, advice and counsel. We have a common purpose: create a better world! So let's work together!
How to use GivingPoint: