How It Works

How Volunteer Tracking Works: 
  • Students log hours and submit them for credit online at the organization where they've volunteered. 
  • GivingPoint's online verification system generates e-mail alerts to faculty or nonprofit contacts when approvals are needed. Volunteer work is verified by the appropriate faculty member or nonprofit coordinator for approval and accreditation. 
  • Once the faculty member or nonprofit coordinator clicks "approve" on the online form, volunteer work is quickly accredited and added to the student's transcript-friendly record. Points are added to the student's "Giving Profile". 
At any moment, faculty and nonprofits have complete and up-to-date reports of student activity - including hours pending or verified. Reports can be generated by group, nonprofit, teacher or school. It's easy to administer, and broad in the ways it lets students monitor their own activities and get points for learning and serving. Students are encouraged to blog and journal about their experience as it happens. They get 5 point for every blog they write. This practice is proven to make whole volunteer experience more instructive and meaningful for everyone involved. An instant Civic Transcript can be created at any moment that includes all hours verified in our tracking system, total funds raised, leadership position, and quizzes taken to broaden their view of the world around them!
Now, let's define what we mean when we say that you get points for volunteering your time, talent and treasure:
TIME - The time you spend serving others through a nonprofit, you are donating time. You are doing great work and GivingPoint wants to reward you with 5 points for every one hour you donate your time. For instance, when you clean up a park or feed the hungry at a food shelter, you are donating your time (donating your time to help the community, but not necessarily using one of your unique skills or talents.
TALENT - The time you spend donating your "talent" is when you use your unique skills or talents to help others. When you donate your "talent" you are taking advantage of your unique capabilities to help a nonprofit. We love that you are using your skills to help the community, so GivingPoint will reward you with 5 points for every hour you donate your talent.
Skills-based volunteerism can take many forms, from giving your feedback on a youth advisory board to teaching young kids how to play golf (if you are skilled at playing sports). A few more examples: if you are passionate and skilled at programming computers or using resources on the web and you donate your talents to help senior citizens learn how to use the computer, then that is considered "skills-based volunteering" because you are using your unique talents and capabilities. If you are a good piano player and you go to a nonprofit to play the piano for others, you are using your talent.
TREASURE - When you donate your treasure, you are donating cash or goods to help others in need. When you fundraise for a nonprofit, you are also donating cash, so that counts as treasure. You can make a huge difference to the lives of others when you contribute treasure to causes that you care about, so if you post a project and fundraise through GivingPoint, we will reward you with 1 point for every $10 dollars that you fundraise or donate.
Donating treasure can take many forms, such as contributing cash or goods. By "goods" we mean donating an item to a nonprofit that others need, such as clothes, shoes, books, or food. Nonprofits need donated items! Though GivingPoint doesn’t reward points for donated goods, we do count the time you put towards collecting and taking the items to a nonprofit as volunteer time. So, please remember to log in any time you volunteered to help collect and donate goods to a nonprofit.
QUIZ - Through GivingPoint, we want students to learn about causes and discover their civic passion. To do that, we created interesting, informative trivia quizzes. Students can earn points while learning about causes that may light a fire in them to take action!
PROFILE - Your GivingPoint profile is a picture of your civic footprint. It is the collection of contributions you make to society. Through GivingPoint, we will track your volunteer contributions, dollars raised, awards, projects, personal legacy statements, and photos. All of this information will go towards building your civic transcript.
Each time you log in your volunteer contributions, GivingPoint will verify those contributions and track it in our secure database. The more you volunteer and help a nonprofit, the more robust your civic profile! This profile can be downloaded as a Verified Civic Transcript for school requirements, job interviews or college applications!
BLOG - Reflecting and learning through service is important in the process to become a life-long philanthropist, so we created a “Stories: Blog and Share” section where students can share their stories, blog about their volunteer experiences and upload pictures. Students will earn points when they reflect and blog about their philanthropic ventures. They can learn from each other and get inspired to take action!
PROJECT - GivingPoint is a charity that makes it easy for anyone to support a student who cares about making a difference in this world! Students, nonprofits and schools can post projects to help raise awareness, volunteers and funds for causes. Through our PROJECTS section, we will connect donors/supporters with projects that match their unique passion.
INVITING FRIENDS - Through GivingPoint, students can quickly and easily invite their family and friends to join the movement to help youth change the world!