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Q: How do I create a student volunteer GivingPoint account?
Visit and fill in all the information with an asterisk. Once the account is created, all information can be edited. See this short two minute video:
Q: I created an account-now what?
Start with the “Find your Passion Quiz.” This quiz is designed to help you discover and explore your social passion.
Q: How do I connect to a nonprofit or group?
From your profile page, in the left hand column choose “View all Groups”. When you click on a group, select “CONNECT WITH THIS NON-PROFIT,” located under the group picture. You must connect with a non-profit group in order to log your hours with them. 
Q: How do I submit my hours?
From your profile page, in the left hand column, there is a green button that states "SUBMIT HOURS."  Fill in all information and click "SAVE".  If you do not see your nonprofit listed in the drop down tab, check "Other Non-Profit” and enter the needed contact information (choosing this option means that you understand it can take up to a week for those hours to be verified).
You can also watch this video:
Q: How long does it take for someone to approve my hours?
If your hours were sent to a non-profit on our website, it depends on who the verification was sent to. You can also send a re-verification email, using the RESUBMIT option. If you sent the verification to “Other Non-Profit,” a GivingPoint representative has to manually approve the hours. This can take 5-10 business  days to get a response.
Q: What about my old volunteer hours?

You can enter and date your hours as far back as 4 years ago.

Q: My hours were not approved, how does GivingPoint decide what counts as volunteering?

GivingPoint is based in Metro Atlanta and follows Atlanta Public Schools' criteria for defining community service. This definition states: Approved community service hours must be performed with tax-exempt, not-for-profit organizations such as United Way Organizations, Educational Agencies, Recreational Centers, Civic Organizations, Hospitals, Charities and Churches. Community service hours will not be accepted when performed at for-profit businesses, or non-charitable organizations, even if the student is not getting paid for their services. These hours are generally done outside of school hours and hour submissions must be sent to a contact person at the organization a student volunteered with. All hours submitted to GivingPoint will be subject to review under these guidelines.

Q: I want to volunteer but I don't know where to start?
Visit our Volunteer opportunities calendar at
Q: What do I blog about?

Blog about your volunteer experiences. What did you learn about who you were serving? What did you learn about yourself? When do you plan on going back?

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about or issues with

The best way we can help with any problems is over e-mail. Please e-mail or click on the blue “HELP” button on the right-hand side of your screen to send our technology team an e-mail.