Faith-Based Organizations Use GivingPoint

Organizations including the YMCA, Stellaris Ministries, North Point Community Church, Fellowship Christian School, Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church, Perimeter Church are using GivingPoint to inspire and equip hundreds of young people to serve others and raise support for a wide range of causes.

Volunteer Tracking & On-Demand Reporting

Young volunteers can log hours and submit them for credit online. GivingPoint's verification system then generates e-mail alerts to organization contacts when approvals are needed. Volunteer work is verified by the organization and, once the organization coordinator "approves" the submission, volunteer work is accredited and added to the student’s profile and Civic Resume.

A Civic Resume can be generated at any moment and includes all verified hours, funds raised, leadership positions, and online education taken to broaden their view of the world around them! This tangible service record is valuable to any member of your youth group.

At any moment, youth organizations, churches and schools have complete and up-to-date reports of volunteer activity ready to view.


Service Projects

GivingPoint makes it easy for anyone to support a volunteer who cares about making a difference! Faith-based organizations and students can post projects to raise awareness, volunteers, and funds for causes. Many users are raising support for missions through GivingPoint. The program also offers a unique way to engage entire congregations in the service work of the youth ministry.



Blogging and reflecting about volunteering is proven to make the service experience more meaningful for everyone involved. Students can tag your organization or any other organizations involved.This is a wonderful way to capture what volunteering means to the youth in your program.


What Faith-based Organizations are Tracking

Volunteerism can take many forms, from giving your feedback on a youth advisory board to international missions, to serving in the local homeless shelter. Something as simple as playing the piano for others can be a unique and fun way to serve. GivingPoint is helping faith-based organizations capture their collective community contributions with a fun and easy tracking system.

Financial Donations

Faith-based organizations can have funds donated directly to their projects or youth programs through GivingPoint. Parents, congregation members and donors can contribute directly to a youth-led project or mission trip through’s secure donation platform. Donors become a member of your project team and can be communicated with throughout the life of the project.


Recurring donations on a monthly basis are easy with GivingPoint. Whether it’s tracking miles walked or cans collected, volunteers can have their supporters pledge a dollar amount for each action taken. Donors who have pledged can be automatically billed each month for their pledge amount.

Inviting Others

Through GivingPoint, members can quickly and easily invite their family and friends to join their efforts to help change the world!

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