About Us


Our Mission

GivingPoint seeks to unleash the passion and energy of young people to create an unprecedented level of civic engagement – to create caring hearts and entrepreneurial minds.

We carry out our mission by being a nationwide community-based youth development organization that inspires a passion for learning and service through hands-on volunteer opportunities, virtual educational modules, and more via an all-in-one website. GivingPoint was created to help youth discover their unique passion, fuel their spark, elevate their ideas, and share their stories to create a better, more connected, and socially responsible world.

Meet the GivingPoint Team & Board of Directors



GivingPoint was formed in 2008, after Derek Smith, former Chairman and CEO of ChoicePoint, inspired a group of ChoicePoint employee volunteers to conduct research and discover ways that young people could be empowered to develop a greater social consciousness and be inspired to take action on the causes that matter most to them.
Their research showed that, although young people want to get involved and help solve social problems, they lack the education, training, resources and encouragement to connect with others who share their interests and to fully engage in improving their communities. They needed access to an innovative online platform that will teach them about the root causes of critical issues, provide them with local volunteer opportunities for targeted hands-on experiences and spark their passion to become social innovators and life-long contributors to their society.
These findings motivated Derek to assemble a team along with a group of founding volunteer board members and together, they launched GivingPoint in January 2009, the first online social marketplace specifically designed for youth to leverage online and offline tools to teach and inspire active community engagement.
GivingPoint instantly became a success, attracting more than 2,000 students and nonprofits in just a few months. The GivingPoint team realized that, in order to scale and grow nationally, they needed to become a public charity. In July 2009, GivingPoint became a public charity and quickly raised over $200,000 from a diverse group of corporations, individuals and foundations.


GivingPoint Today

Over 9,000 youth, nonprofits and donors are using GivingPoint's resources to unleash the energy and imagination of youth to create a more compassionate, connected, and socially responsible world. GivingPoint’s online resources have helped to create a more than $8.1M charitable impact in just the last five years.
GivingPoint is the first and only nonprofit to:
  • Offer an online tool to serve, support, and develop young social entrepreneurs
  • Enable students to track, verify, and document service hours
  • Provide a platform where students can create and personalize their unique civic resumes through an efficient online verification system
  • Launch a social networking site, designed specifically for youth, that allows them to raise awareness, funds and volunteers for causes they care about
GivingPoint is the only place where students are able to:
  • Explore their interests and learn what it truly means to give of their "time, talent, and treasure"
  • Take quizzes about different social cause areas to learn about the needs of their community
  • Track hours and witness how their giving legacy is changing the world
  • Get rewarded and recognized for doing great work
  • Share their stories and recruit others to join their causes
  • Catalogue and record verified community contributions
  • View and download their civic resume for school requirements and college applications