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GivingPoint believes students have the power to change the world through service.

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Number of Students

Students are able to explore their interests and learn what it truly means to give of their "time, talent, and treasure."

Students can also learn about the needs of their community, track hours and witness how their giving legacy is changing the world, get rewarded and recognized for doing great work.



Points are used to recognize students for the legacies they are building through civic engagement.

Students can earn points by completing service hours, participating in our online education platform, creating a profile, writing blogs, affiliating with a non-profit or organization and inviting friends to join


Volunteer Hours

Every volunteer hour is verified by the nonprofit being served or an affiliated organization working with a teenager.

The result is an authentic civic resume for students with real volunteer experience alongside safe and accurate hour tracking for organizations.


Total Community Impact

Using the volunteer community impact rate, GivingPoint users have made a significant contribution to their local communities during their volunteer and service-learning journeys. Best of all, the energy and imagination of youth continues to result in creating a more compassionate, connected, and socially responsible world.


GivingPoint is for Everyone

Students, parents, non-profits, schools, and anyone interested in improving their community can participate with GivingPoint.

Through a combination of innovative technology, social networking, meaningful service and hands-on training programs, GivingPoint helps youth discover their unique passion, fuel their spark, elevate their ideas and share their stories to create a better, more connected and socially responsible world.

For Students

Find Volunteer Events!

Teens can use GivingPoint to find volunteer opportunities in their communities! GivingPoint also allows you to create volunteer events to share with your family and friends so you can all volunteer together! After you volunteer, be sure to log your hours on the website and write a blog post about your experience! 


Friday Jul 22, 2016

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Jul 23, 2016

American Heroes for Hire (My Experience after GPI)

            When I first heard the words ‘GivingPoint Institute,’ I had absolutely no idea what they meant. Angela Morris-Long, my school’s director of Civic Engagement, emailed me around the start of the 2nd semester of my sophomore year to apply for an organization I had never heard of.